nurse and elderly woman standing together

I want to thank Hacienda for the wonderful care they have given my grandfather. He is happy and they serve wonderful meals here. If anything happens out of the ordinary they inform us right away. They are always welcoming when we come to visit. Thank you Hacienda!!!

Mitch C.

Family of Resident

My father was in there post hip replacement. They really took great care ❤ of him. He even said he was happy and would be ok if he had to stay longer, but thankfully he came home in better shape and with much more confidence after the therapy he received.

Delia L.

Family of Resident

My husband is a resident at Hacienda; he has been here for 7 years. It is the best place in the valley. The food is good. I spend a lot of time here. I was also a patient here and know both sides. I would recommend Hacienda. If you have a problem it is always resolved. Nurses are very good and dedicated.

Connie F.

Family of Resident

I like it at Hacienda and I really like the owners, good people. It’s a good place to live. I have lived here about a year or so. I recommend Hacienda to anybody.

Joe S.


I visited Hacienda healthcare and rehabilitation center recently. The staff and patients were laughing and it seemed like such a happy place. I have a friend from church that lives there and he is very happy. There are lots of veterans there and Hacienda treats them especially well. Being a veteran myself makes me happy to see them treated well.

Jeffrey B.

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